The National Careline Blog


21 August 2020

We shouldn’t complain about the hot weather we’ve had over the past few weeks really, but please remember that not everyone can tolerate it. Some people are very affected by extreme heat.

When weather conditions are extreme, whether hot or cold, the elderly and those needing care are especially vulnerable. This situation is compounded with the current cut-backs in services, resulting in fewer people available to check on those who are at risk to ensure that they are safe and well.

This is why we at The National Careline are asking people to try to contact their neighbours to just establish that they are safe and well. This isn’t that easy because of COVID 19 and with people social distancing, but just ensuring that people are safe and well is all that is needed, to show that people are there to help if necessary.

We can all play a part and become a good neighbour to the elderly people in our communities because it is no use leaving it all to the Social Services Departments – they will be flat out taking care of their own caseloads anyway.


It doesn’t take much time to be a good neighbour – just to check someone is safe, and well.

Knock on the door and ask if they are well? Have they got essential supplies like bread and milk?

Or pick up the phone, call them and ask if they are ok, do they need any shopping done – a few items collected when you go to the shops yourself. This isn’t to be a nosy neighbour, remember that in extreme conditions, heat can kill and your actions could save someone’s life.