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Helpline: 0800 0699 784Email: office@thenationalcareline.org

The National Care Line provides a much needed service by giving support and information to older people, their carers and their families.

If you have found our information helpful or would like to make a contribution towards the service, please click on the Donate button below.

We receive no state funding so all contributions are very welcome to help ensure that the service is here for those in need. 


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Welcome to the National Careline

The National Careline is a not for profit company offering information about care and support for older people, their carers and their families.

The objective of the National Careline is to provide a portal that signposts users to various organisations including, Government departments and support networks that will help create a clearer understanding of the care maze.

Topics include:

  • What help and type of help is available
  • Where to access help
  • Where to access financial support

The National Careline also provides a wealth of extra lifestyle information that users may find beneficial in their support and care of the older person.

Our service is free to all users

Our mission at The National Careline is to give you the help and support you need together with the information to plan ahead with confidence for the future.

Click here to read more about The National Careline and watch an interview with founder Barbara Davies

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The National Care Line News

Early dementia diagnosis has huge impact on quality of life


Government shifts Care Act cash from self-funder to carer assessments

55m grant introduced to fund increase in carer's assessments and support wider Care Act implementation from April 2015

Councils should start tackling discrimination against self-funders before the Care Act forces them to

The Care Act will require councils to improve their support to self-funders, who currently substantially subsiside state-funded care, says Ray Hart

A third of councils cut 'meals on wheels' elderly care lifeline

Vulnerable residents at increased risk of malnutrition and isolation, say campaigners, as community meals decline in the face of social care budget reductions

New regulations introduced to prevent care homes asking families to fund other care home residents

Care Act to clamp down on care home top-up fees

People will spend the value of their home before reaching care cap

People may face six years in care before eligibility for any state contribution

MPs: scrap stamp duty for over-60s

Politicians say the measure would help many older people who want to downsize homes but can't afford to.

Be Clear on Cancer, Blood in Pee campaign

Campaign urges: Be alert to the symptoms of bladder and kidney cancers

Britain's elderly face retirement home shortage

The UK's housing crisis extends to retirement villages as the number of over-60s is set to triple by 2050

The cap on long-term care costs: myths and reality

Much has been made of a 70,000 pounds cap on care costs. But numerous conditions limit its use.

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