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Benefit Rates for 2017/18

To follow is a totally up to date list of benefit rates applicable to older people. It is correct as of April 2017 and rates are fixed for the financial year.

Download current benefits card here: /benefit-cards-2017-2.pdf/

Basic State Retirement Pension

Single                                              £122.30
Spouses/Civil partner                   £73.30
Married/Civil Couple                      £195.60
Age Addition – over 80 years       £0.25
New State Pension                        £159.55

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Daily Living Component

Enhanced               £83.10
Standard                £55.65

Attendance Allowance

Higher Rate              £83.10
Lower Rate               £55.65

Mobility Component

Enhanced                 £58.00
Standard                  £22.00

Carers' Allowance

Carer                               £62.70
(payable only if not earning more than £116 per week after deductions)

Funded Nursing Care

(FNC) is only used to pay towards the costs of care. A person
is still responsible for the cost of accommodation, board and
personal care.

Pension Credit

Standard Amount                               £159.35
Couple Standard Amount                  £243.25
Single Savings Credit Threshold        £137.35
Single Savings Credit Maximum        £13.20
Couple Savings Credit Threshold       £218.42
Couple Savings Credit Maximum       £14.90

England (paid by NHS)                                       £155.05
Or for on high band pre 1/10/07                         £213.32

(paid by Local Health Board)               

Northern Ireland
(paid by the Health & Social Care Board)    £100.00

Severe Disability Premium

Individuals           £62.45  
Couples               £124.90
Carer                    £34.95

Scotland (paid by Local Authority)

Personal Care                        £171.00
Nursing Care                          £78.00
Personal & Nursing Care      £249.00

Capital Allowances

(disregard for those above age for Pension Credit)

Living at home                      £10,000
Living in a care home          £10,000

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

(being phased out from March ‘13 and replaced by Personal Independence Payment)

Local Authority Support Thresholds


Upper Limit                      £23,250
Lower Limit                      £14,250
Personal Allowance       £24.90


Upper Limit/Lower Limit  £30,000
Personal Allowance          £27.50

Care Component

High                  £83.10
Middle              £55.65
Low                  £22.00

Mobility Component

High               £58.00
Low                £22.00


Upper Limit                       £26,250
Lower Limit                       £16,250
Personal Allowance        £25.80 – increasing in June ‘17 to £26.40

Northern Ireland

Upper Limit                        £23,250
Lower Limit                        £14,250
Personal Allowance         £24.90

Contribution rate £1 per £250 between upper and lower limits

Twelve Week Property Disregard Funding

The local authority can help with the care costs for the first 12 weeks if, apart from the family home, savings are below the higher capital limits. Help with costs beyond this period will be treated as a loan to be recovered when the property is sold.